Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the Thing

Ok, u love this thing.
Everybody in the room knows u love this thing.
U always wanted to do this thing.
U always find time to do this thing, the things that makes u alive, the things that makes your blood rushin backwards,ups and down, u love the rush feelin that makes your eyes brighter than the bluey skies. The feelin of heartbeat like the love at the first sight.

But suddenly...

The things u loved forced u to do them.
The things u loved demand for your adrenaline rush.
The things u loved feels more like an overtime duty that u have to finish before dawn.

Then u wonder why...

U missed the old feeling..

U try to find where u have lost.


In quiet...hoping that everything will be normal just like before.

U dont like to be in this 'love without lust'.u will lost.
Let loose. Let loose.

“i guess its normal.if u are not tired of what u always do, then u are not human” - William McGrath

I smiled back


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