Saturday, October 6, 2012

Aku pakai selipar pegi kedai,bukan berkaki ayam.itu pun nak kecoh

Muka kau ni klasikla, 80-an
Barang-barang yang kau beli/belek pun semua stail-stail 80an
Rohana Jalil? Shades? Siapa?

Wut do you expect?
Dressit to the 9 like u wanted me to do?
Push-up bra, micro mini, eye-lashes that was all so fake and live my life according to (modern) you? Be real, I'm up to the beat and heat of PSY too;

Face it. We're seriously discussing 'generation'.

A date with me maybe just a simple yong tau foo hunts in the middle of the night.
We may not be roaming about in the mall without me checkin up the latest self-improvements on the bookstores.
My life is maybe too simple, too black and white.
Yes, I'm boring.

Then i question, what is so punk about you?

baru real dont judge a book by its cover ni...