Friday, November 2, 2012

smile.even the world crashes u down.

She's a dream catcher while I'm more of a daddy's lil girl. She's ambitious, she's a busy queen bee, catch quick meetings, using gps, a future CEO, dream a Lamborghini, house in the country hill, wearing designer's heels, reading Time magazine while having her lunch, had a straight face. People fear her. I watch tv, doing laundry, play with the kittens, bake a cake, making my own art jewelleries, taking pictures of people and things, sketch architecture, listen to the Beethoven, play 3 chords guitar, laugh at the tv show, laugh at myself, read books by the window, look at the rains and smiles, talk a lot. People think I'm spoiled. Dad's lil girl won't cry over petty things because her dad taught her that the cutest girl on earth are the one who are brave enough to face the world with a big smile and give a pat on the back of every people that she met (^^.v

Smile and forget everything.