Monday, May 31, 2010

Spoiled Brat - i mind sharing

i know.. *sigh

I wish i wasn't signed up to the facebook. I have another intention; or mission to the 'why i signed up to the facebook' in the first place. Now i feel like facebook is torturing instead of making me happy while doing my networking job. I'm the one to blame of course.

Maybe i talk too much, shares everything i had in mind with other people which almost all of them knew who i am or i was. I think it's not even a good idea to educate/stimulate knowledge injection with your friends through facebook. While some of them who 'don't know the real you' might think that you are trying to be bold or showing off while the fact is that i just love to talk,communicate,love to share,what i had in the back of my head,my dreams,the curiosity in me. I just want to let it all out. I can't bear to hold it while i had audience in front of me. I want to let them know what i had in mind. I'm not trying to be smart azz either, whatever necessary, think whatever you please..just don't judge.

You know what, i was in the office while i wrote this down to a piece of paper. I can't hold down my fear. I'm not afraid of losing my bsaratd frens, i'm not afraid of being the minority. What i afraid most is that the feeling of losing the freedom of expressing what i feel and..doubted. Rejected. It hurts.

So now,do you think i'm mature enough to take this as a problem? Ain't that some spoiled brat i was talking about?


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