Wednesday, November 7, 2012

kita memang tak selalu menang tapi jangan pernah menyerah kalah. eh,imma diva what...whatsoever.

Kerana setiap pertemuan ada perpisahan :)

Thanx for all of your contributions, advice (i appreciate it much), inspiration, concern, thanx for droppin by, thanx for the tickles, pokes, likes, comments, mentions, dms, private messages, RTs, admiration (ahh that's very sweet of you). No offend, i just got tired with you :) forgive me for bein honest. I'm just that diva aren't i? No, don't come again into my life by any form. Unless, unless, oh let me think about it first ok? Good luck, i have my own drama to be taken care of. C ya!

The Pelakon Popular has just got nominated! I hate competition, i hate lettin u down, awh please save that guilty face for another time. I just live to win >.<!

I'm not talking bout Obama nor Romney. 


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